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Tuesday, May 10, 2011

No oil Only Boil Breakfast at LiFe Farm !

Mr. Madhu Ramakrishnan, an ex Syndicate Member of Tamilnadu Agriculture University is a shishya of Masanobu Fukoaka ( Father of Natural Farming ) of Japan. He visited our farm and cooked our popular No oil Only Boil Breakfast !

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  1. Hi OSAI,
    I read your writeup in Hindu and was impressed on your journey. Keeps life interesting, and learning all the time. Like a small garden cannot sustain one individual need a farm to grow enough food to survive. But thats not what you seem to be aiming at. I too have started this couple years ago in Chicago and also try to do the same in A.P. India where I come for summer.

    Have fun and get the wife to indulge in your pleasure you never know where it might take you...

    Venkat M. Reddy