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Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Photo Trek organised at LiFe !

We have organised a low impact event called "Phototrek" on May, 21, 2011 . We trekked upto the mystic "Letter Rock" ! Locals call it "Ezhuthukkal Paarai". Some of the images from the trek !

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  1. Reposted from Farm, Yeah's website, regarding my comments on your newspaper article.

    Good news on getting eyeballs on the media. TV documentary next? :-) Congrats.

    Here's some points from me:

    1. Couldn't you have asked the reporter to use the word "homestead" instead of "experiment"? I understand that you've chosen to call it that, but this is my concern.
    As it is the "great Indian public" is notorious for its social climbing and yuppieness and over-conformity. Now movements such as ours will have to overcome this additional prejudice of being branded "experimenters".

    > That's the reason I still use plastic;
    > it is recyclable. A steel tumbler is more energy intensive,”
    I disagree with that premise. Plastic is mainly obtained as a by-product of petroleum refining. So imagine the "total" energy intensity that went towards manufacturing the final plastic tumbler/plate in your hand. Now, in my case, I still happen to use some of my grandmothers' steel tumblers and plates, and I don't even need to "recycle" anything to begin with. So, which is more intensive in the long run?

    And with steel you can even repair the steel utensils with the local blacksmith (the dents or cracks and holes), thereby keeping that part of the economy charged up too, is it not? That would be both Holistic and Systemic in my view ;-)

    3. God Bless your mother. I wish more mothers are so supportive like your mother was, of their childrens' dreams rather than foist their own ideas of "success" and "perfection" on their respective wards.

    Like Sriram I do not intend to set an example or anything. I am primarily interested in being authentic to myself. OTOH, since you are now in the limelight as a 'mascot' (willingly or involuntarily) for this type of "simple living high thinking creed", you have a huge responsibility to get all the facts straight and your narrative must be flowing and emulative.

    Therefore, good luck with your farm stay and your plantings. BTW, did you take your wife and son for a "one-of-a-kind" memorable summer vacation to live in the Farm in the last few months?

    P.S: I am replying quite late, so I hope the message reaches you.